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Each one of us at a certain point in their lives packed in a punch or two in the name of the famous reality television for wrestlers. Who has not tried to give a chokeslam to their siblings and friends on more than one occasion because of a particular wrestling federation? The WWE American Express Presale tickets go out quickly so do get your hands on WWE presale tickets before they run out!


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The World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. is an American reality entertainment company indulging in fights of professional wrestlers. Although it vouches for being a part of reality television, it is a well-known fact that the matches are scripted, and the moves are judiciously placed to grab the eyeballs of the crowds.


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WWE was initially conceptualized and marketed under the name of Titan Sports Inc. They officially promoted the federation as sport’s entertainment thus, rooting for its rapidly growing popularity. Millions of fans and supporters across the globe are always in a mad rush to catch the action live. You may also like AMA Supercross or The Harlem Globetrotters.


The entertainment industry saw a revolution with the venture by WWE, owned by Vince McMahon. He introduced the concepts of Wrestle Mania and Smackdown through the wrestling performances. Pre-sale-tickets.com has a range of options for you to select WWE presale tickets. 


He introduced names like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon among others giving them their spot in the limelight.


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WWE Presale Code & Tickets FAQS



How to get WWE presale tickets?

You can get WWE presale tickets on pre-sale-tickets.com



How much are WWE presale tickets?

WWE presale tickets start at $59 and average $125. The highest presale ticket price is $1121.



When is the WWE presale?

The WWE presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the WWE presale code?

The WWE presale code is CBSUSG43.



What is the WWE American Express presale code?

The WWE American Express presale code is 66463733.



What is the WWE fan club presale code?

The WWE fan club presale code is 75CLUB75.



What is the WWE Ticketmaster presale code?

The WWE Ticketmaster presale code is TM9886544.



What is the WWE Live Nation presale code?

The WWE Live Nation presale code is LN8265442.



What is the WWE Chase presale code?

The WWE Chase presale code is C3252521.



What is the WWE Citi presale code?

The WWE Citi presale code is IFUYE252.