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2Cellos is a Croatian classical artistic duo who are trained cellists' members, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. They debuted in 2011 and have a total of four albums in their career, which consists of instrumental positioning of popular genres such as pop and rock songs.


They first started off on YouTube, where they rose to fame after their cover of a smooth criminal became a hit and gained millions of views. Their debut album includes covers of songs by Coldplay, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, U2, and many more, which won them the Best International Album in the Porin music awards.


They've also been asked by the legendary English singer, songwriter, pianist Elton John himself to appear with him on his 2011 summer tour who had nothing but only praises for this talented duo.


2Cellos have also performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and appeared on hit television series like Glee and The Bachelor. They released their second studio album In2ition in 2013, which debuted No 1 in the Japanese album charts and won them the Instrumental Album of the year in Japan Gold Disc Award.


2Cellos uses YouTube as a platform to display their musicality and has a following of 4.3+ million subscribers, which receives millions of views with each post. They've also been nominated for Best Adria Act in MTV Europe music awards 2014 and was the receiver of Musician of the year in the Večernjak's Rose. Their song Kagemusha won them the Song of the Year Download in the Japan Gold Disc Award.


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How to get 2Cellos presale tickets?

You can get 2Cellos presale tickets on pre-sale-tickets.com



How much are 2Cellos presale tickets?

2Cellos presale tickets start at $59 and average $194. The highest presale ticket price is $1176.



When is the 2Cellos presale?

The 2Cellos presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the 2Cellos presale code?

The 2Cellos presale code is ZNSUE752.



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The 2Cellos American Express presale code is 8765434.



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The 2Cellos fan club presale code is FCLUB7655.



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The 2Cellos Ticketmaster presale code is TM97532.



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The 2Cellos Live Nation presale code is LN98643.



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The 2Cellos Chase presale code is C9286552.



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The 2Cellos Citi presale code is KFHHSDY56.