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AC/DC has earned the name of being one of the best rock bands in the history of rock. AC/DC American Express Presale tickets go out quickly so get your hands on AC/DC presale tickets before they run out! This rock band was formed in1973 and has captivated fans ever since. As expected from world-class artists, fans compete over AC/DC tickets, so only lucky fans will get Fan Club Presale tickets from


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AC/DC needs no introduction to rock fans and even fans of other genres. Formed in Sydney by two brothers of Scottish descent, AC/DC rose to stardom with their album “Highway to Hell” in 1979. Tragedy struck in 1980 when their bassist, Mark Evans, passed away due to alcohol poisoning. The rock band was, however, able to recover by replacing their passed member with Cliff Williams.


This sad episode did not stop them. AC/DC went on to go on several tours all around the world. Do not miss out on their next concert, purchase AC/DC Citi Presale tickets. You can also purchase AC/DC Amex Presale tickets from our website as long as they are available.


With seventeen studio albums so far, AC/DC does not disappoint their fans musically. has a range of options for you to select AC/DC presale tickets.


AC/DC has collaborated with many artists and has had a significant impact on other artists. This rock band has thirteen tribute albums to their name. Many artists, including Guns N’ Roses, Beastie Boys, and Sam Kinison featuring Slash, have also covered their songs.


AC/DC has won one Grammy, six Australian Performing Rights Association Awards, four Australian Recording Industry Association Awards, and one Rock on Request Award. Many other award shows have nominated them, a total of twenty-four times


AC/DC has had several worthy member replacements and shows no signs of slowing down. Make sure you get AC/DC presale tickets for their upcoming concerts from guarantee gives you a 100% money-back guarantee on all AC/DC presale ticket purchases. Do not miss out on stellar performances by AC/DC; buy your AC/DC tickets while they are still available.


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AC/DC presale tickets start at $65 and average $162. The highest presale ticket price is $604.



When is the AC/DC presale?

The AC/DC presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



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