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Deriving influence from bands such as Radiohead and Pink Floyd, Alt-J is a band you should definitely see. The live shows of the band are designed for a heart-pounding rhythm amid an engaging and responsive crowd. The unique voice of the vocalist gives it the more reason why you should witness the show and find out what aspect of the band is everyone else excited about.


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An English rock band, Alt-J was formed in Leeds in 2007. The band members include guitarist and lead vocalist Joe Newman, drummer Thom Sonny Green, keyboardist, and vocalist Gus Unger-Hamilton, and bassist Gwil Sainsbury.


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Alt-J has a total collection of three studio albums, three EPs, one live album, thirteen music videos, and fourteen singles.


Alt-J released their first album, which was titled An Awesome Wave in 2012, which went to earn them the British Mercury Prize (2012). The following album was released in 2014 and is titled This Is All Yours. The album charted at top 1 on the UK charts while the third album titled Relaxer was released in 2017 after the band became a trio.


The all-time favorite singles by the band include "Left Hand Free," "In Cold Blood," "Bloodflow," "Hunger of the Pine," "Matilda," "Taro," "Dissolve Me," and "Something Good."


Alt-J has won multiple awards and nominations for their work. The band's second album This Is All Yours, received a Grammy nomination under the category of Best Alternative Music Album in 2015. Their debut album An Awesome Wave is the winner of the Mercury Award in 2012. You may also like Avenged Sevenfold or Cheap Trick.



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