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If you are a fan of originality and talent, I'm sure you have listened to Beck at least once in your lifetime. The Beck Presale tickets are available for you to acquire and watch him perform online. This 1990s singer and songwriter has created a history in the field of music by blending a wide diversity of musical genres from alternative rock to noise music.


Beck's concerts are immensely interesting not only because of his songs but also because of the visual presentation he likes to project during his live shows. So if you want to witness sound and action, offers you access to Beck American Express presale tickets and Beck presale code.




Bek David Campbell, usually known as Beck, was born on July 8, 1970. He has the profession of a singer, songwriter, musician as well as a record producer. He received his breakthrough in the early 1990s for his experimentation with various multiple musical genres. His songs are mostly alternative rock, psychedelia, funk, soul, folk, EDM, hip-hop, and country. 


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Works and Albums

Beck implements creativity in each of his works by using a wide range of genres in his songs with sarcastic and ironic lyrics and incorporating live instrumentation and audiovisual effects. This made the critics, as well as the fans, hold him as one the most creative musicians in the 1990s and well as the 2000s alternative rock.


Beck has a huge collection of songs and tracks and a book of sheet music. He has released 13 studio albums, out of which 2 of them were listed in the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. 3 EPs, a remix album and a compilation album. He also released 49 singles. Beck Ticketmaster presale tickets are available at You may also like the Backstreet Boys.



Collaboration with Other Artists 

  1. Beck collaborated with Pharrell Williams in the first single, 'Saw Lightning' from his new album 'Hyperspace.'
  2. Beck produced 'Night Running' in collaboration with Cage the Elephant.



Awards and Nominations 

Out of the 54 nominations Beck received, he won 20 awards, including 3 Brit Awards and 6 MTV VMA Awards. Beck has also won 7 Grammy Awards out of a total of 17 nominations. 



Beck Presale

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