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Prepare yourself to scream your lungs out along with one of the most greasy hard rock bands of all time after Aerosmith. Buckcherry has been in this profession long enough to know what it takes to deliver a hard rock performance without deafening its audience. At their live concert shows, you can expect hard rock genres like 'Crazy Bitch' or the new sound of the band, which is more mellow and psychedelic. No matter what the styles are, Buckcherry is still Buckcherry, and they will provide you with an experience you never had before.


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Buckcherry is a rock band founded in 1995 in Anaheim, California, US.  The members of the group include Josh Todd, Stevie D.,  Kelly LeMieux, Kevin Roentgen, and Francis Ruiz.


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Works and Albums

The band has released a collection of eight studio albums, one video album, one live album, thirty-two music videos, and twenty-seven singles.


After its formation, Buckcherry disbanded in 2002 after releasing two albums titled Time Bomb in 2001 and Buckcherry in 1999. The band was again revived in 2005 by Josh Todd, the lead vocalist and Keith Nelson, the lead guitarist. The duo formed a fresh lineup, and in 2006, they produced another album, 15. The album spawned the band's biggest hit singles 'Crazy Bitch' and 'Sorry,' the latter charting on the top ten Billboard Hot 100 enabling mainstream success. 'Crazy Bitch' charted at high 59 on the Billboard's Hot 100. 


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In 2008, the band released their fourth album, which was titled Black Butterfly, while All Night Long, the band's fifth album, was out in 2010. The band's sixth album titled Confessions was released in 2013, Rock 'n' Roll was released in 2015 followed by their eighth album in 2019 which was titled Warpaint.



Awards and Nominations

Buckcherry was nominated for a Grammy Award under the category of Best Hard Rock Performance for their hit single 'Crazy Bitch.' You may also like watching Louis C.K. or Ateez.



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