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Talented instrumentalist, bubbly energy, creative mind - that's what describes Feist. She is known to engage her fans and fuel their enthusiasm with her lively performance in stage. The concerts to Feist are always full of fun and activity. She might surprise you and even call you up for a slow dance partner.


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Leslie Feist was born on February 13, 1976. She is a pop singer-songwriter as well as a guitarist based in Canada. Apart from her solo career, she is also a member of Broken Social Scene, an indie rock band. Pre-sale-tickets.com brings you Feist Ticketmaster presale tickets at the most decent deal.


Feist has a total of five studio albums, one remix album, eight singles and four works with the rock band, Broken Social Scene.


Most parts of her early career were spent on working together with other artists and bands. She released her debut solo album in 1999, which was titled Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down). However, the album did not see much success.


The second album Let It Die garnered recognition to the star and was certified platinum in Canada, and she won two Juno Awards in 2005 under Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album. Her mixed album titled Open Season was released in 2006.

Feisf released her fourth album, which is titled The Reminder in 2007. It remains her most successful work, and it topped on the sixteenth place on the Billboard 200. The album also won the Shortlist Music Prize.


Her second hit single, "1234," became a national hit after being in an ad for the iPod Nano.


Feist has a total of eleven Juno Awards out of  sixteen nominations, which include Artist of the Year, Album of the Year for her album The Reminder and Single of the Year, and the hit single "1234." She is also nominated for four Grammy Awards in categories such as Best New Artist in 2008 and Best Pop Vocal Album for the album The Reminder. You may also like watching Dallas Smith or Deep Purple.



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