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How thrilling it is to witness Godsmack live in all their glory. This American rock band sure knows how to enlighten their fans and have been doing so since 1995. They are not showing any signs of stopping and have been continuously touring. You would not want to miss out on the Godsmack American Express Presale tickets because they sell out quickly. We might even have some Godsmack Presale codes to help you purchase their concert tickets at pre-sale-tickets.com.


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Godsmack was formed in 1995, by Sully Erna- frontman and songwriter. The members consist of Tony Rombola- guitarist, Robbie Merrill-bassist and Shannon Larkin-drummer.


The band has so far released seven studio albums, 4 DVDs, a live album, a compilation album, and EP. The band's debut album was named 'All Wound up', which help to put Godsmack in the map and led to their first tour ' The Godsmack Tour'. This album was certified 4 times platinum by the RIAA. 


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However, the album that really made Godsmack a global success was 'Awake'. This album was certified 2times platinum by the RIAA and peaked at No.5 at the Billboard 200. Their song 'vampire' from the album also bagged them a Grammy nomination.


After being hugely successful, the band has been actively touring and been featured in many world-renowned artist's live shows and tours. They have been associated with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Black Sabbath, Jim Rose Circus, Led Zeppelin and many more.


Godsmack also wrote and sang the soundtrack to The Scorpion King. The song was called 'I stand alone', and this song topped the charts and peaked no.1 at Rock Radio. The song was so loved that it was also used in the game called Prince of Persia: warrior within.


The band has been actively touring and releasing albums. Their latest album was called 'When Legends die' and it was released on April 27, 2018.


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How to get Godsmack presale tickets?

You can get Godsmack presale tickets on pre-sale-tickets.com



How much are Godsmack presale tickets?

Godsmack presale tickets start at $54 and average $173. The highest presale ticket price is $1077.



When is the Godsmack presale?

The Godsmack presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



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