Grace Potter
Grace Potter

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We don't expect a lot of women to be in the field of rock music, especially when it is a predominately male-dominated field. It takes a lot of hard work, and they have to work ten times harder than men to achieve recognition in this field, which is sad and unfair. However, there are some female rock musicians who have rocked this field and go down in history as one of the greatest rock stars of all time. One of those very few women is Grace Potter. You can watch her live by getting the Grace Potter American Express Presale Tickets and Grace Potter Amex Presale Tickets now.

She was also the lead singer of her band titled "Grace Potter and the Nocturnals", which was a well-known band among rock music lovers. You can catch her performing live by getting the Grace Potter Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Grace Potter Citi Presale Tickets from our website.

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Grace Potter was born in Waitsfield, which is located in Vermont, the United States on 20th June 1983. Grace Potter is an American rock artist and a songwriter who writes most of her songs. She is also a multi-instrumentalist and professionally plays the keyboards and guitar as well.  She is also an actress and enjoys being in front of the camera.

She specializes in the musical style of genres such as Rock and Pop music. She formed her group back in 2002. She also released her own debut solo record titled "Original Soul" back in 2004. However, Grace and her band parted and went on different directions by 2015. She released her second studio album titled "Midnight" in 2015. 

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Potter released her third album titled "Daylight" in 2019. The Daylight Tour takes place on 8th January in 2020 and continues. The popular song called "Stuck in the Middle with You", which is a theme song used for "Grace and Frankie". It is a popular Netflix series and the song is sung by Grace Potter.

Some of her other works include "Red Shoe Rebel," "Original Soul," etc. Some of her popular singles include "I Want Something That I Want," "Alive Tonight," "Empty Heart", and "Love is Love". You can watch her live by getting the Grace Potter Fan Club Presale Tickets and Grace Potter Presale Tickets to gain access to the Grace Potter Presale Code. You may also like watching Dashboard Confessional or Jonny Lang.

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