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It is always important to remember and celebrate your roots, and Heilung does just that with their craft. Heilung is a pride for most European people. The band focuses on music that spreads a message of celebrating your native roots through their music. People from Germany, Norway, and Denmark love and adore them for their contribution to the music industry. You can watch them live by getting the Heilung American Express Presale Tickets and Heilung Amex Presale Tickets now.


The group is able to command a crowd with their theatrics and their performance in general. They can also seem and look a little intimidating, but it is always for the best as it creates that environment which you would want and expect from them when they perform. You can watch them perform live by getting the Heilung Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Heilung Citi Presale Tickets from our website.



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Heilung originated in 2014 from three different European countries, i.e. Germany, Norway, and Denmark. Heilung is a European band that is primarily based on experimental folk music. They draw their musical inspiration from Germans based all on their past texts and runic inscriptions as well pertaining to the age of Bronze, Iron, and Viking as well.


Heilung draws inspiration and reflects the culture of the early post-medieval period of Northern Europe. Most of their songs are based on Norse Deities, the Valkyries, and also the Jotnar. The meaning behind the name of the band stands for "Healing" in the language of English. 


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They specialize in the musical style of genres such as Amplified history, Folk music, Neofolk, and Industrial. The members of the band include Christopher Juul, Kai Uwe Faust, and Maria Franz. The group was founded together by the three members. They released their debut album titled "Ofnir" in 2015.


They released their second studio-based album titled "Lifa" in 2017. They also released their third studio-based album titled "Futha" in 2019. They use different types of instruments during their performances and also for their music such as drums, bones, horn rattle of a buffalo, a clay rattle consisting of human ashes, a ritual bell of the Hindus, important antiques of temples, a cup made of silver from the age of Vikings, and other various instruments and props.


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