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Kenneth Bruce Gorelick is an impeccable instrumentalist and has aced the use of the saxophone in the Jazz style of music. He did adopt the stage name of Kenny G better and has seen a lot of commercial success in less time. His albums and sales have seen a steep rise with about seventy-five million copies having been sold worldwide.

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Kenny G has played the saxophone in different musical modes like the Soprano, Alto and Tenor. He has even shown his expertise with other musical instruments like the flute. He has been active in the musical circuit since the years 1973, 1982 and to date.


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Kenny G has collaborated with many other singers and performers such as Michael Bolton, Toni Braxton, David Foster, Richard Marx, Kashif, and many others. The instrumentalist has found himself a significant following and fan crescendo in China. His album has attained popularity like no other, and he has also recorded the Chinese songs like “Jasmine Flower” and “the moon represents my heart”.


Further, he has won one American music Award along with one Grammy award as well. Next, he even won the Soul Train award two times. He has also been nominated for different awards about twenty-four times.


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