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Robert James Richie, a.k.a.Kid Rock was born on January 17, 1971, and is a world-famous rapper, musician, singer, record producer, actor, and songwriter. With a career span of 30 years and more, his style of music alternates between the country, hip-hop, and rock.


He is a multi-instrumentalist, with nine out of his eleven studio albums being overlooked personally by him. He made an entry into the music industry with his debut studio album, "Devil Without A Cause," In 1998.


Kid Rock seemed to gain interest in breakdancing and hip-hop from an early age. He also taught himself how to play multiple instruments and to rap. He is famous because of the fact that he can play all the instruments of the Twisted Brown Tuckers, which is his backup band.


Kid Rock's list of hit singles includes "Cowboy," " Bawitdaba," " All Summer Long," and "Picture." All these singles are a blend of rock, hip-hop, soul, pop, and others. Thus, Kid Rock cannot be attached solely to just one music genre. Pitchfork has described his music as a cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd, Run-DMC, and AC/DC.


Kid Rock made his first acting debut in an episode of The Simpson's in 1999. He has continued to act or lend his voice in a number of movies or such as, " Americans and Osmosis Jones" and "Joe Dirt."


Kid Rock has won multiple awards, such as The A.M.A., C.M.T. Music Awards and was also nominated six times for the Grammys. You may also like Harry Styles or Hozier.



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