Lewis Black
Lewis Black

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Lewis Black is all about making the crowd ecstatic and active with his jokes and energy on stage. The world of comedy loves what he has to offer and how he is able to portray a versatile character on stage with his variety of jokes up his sleeve. It is very evident from his live shows, and you can also catch him live by getting the Lewis Black American Express Presale Tickets and Lewis Black Amex Presale Tickets now.

Lewis Black is able to catch the attention of the crowd and not just his fans with his performances. Even fresh faces that show up to his shows are stunned by how great he is with his craft. You can watch him live by getting the Lewis Black Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Lewis Black Citi Presale Tickets from our website.

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Lewis Black was born in Washington, D.C., United States on 30th August 1948. Lewis Black is an American comedic artist as well as an actor and enjoys being in front of the camera. He is also a great author and social critic. Black is also a popular playwright. He has been present in the scene of comedy since 1981 and continues to hold shows even up to this day.

Black specializes in the comedy style of genres such as Political satire, News satire, Observational comedy, and Black comedy. He touches subjects on American politics, Current events, American culture, and Pop culture. He focuses on cultural trends that appeal to the crowd.

He made his first TV appearance on "Comedy Central Presents" by starring on his first-ever comedy special back in 1998. He also appeared on "Taxed Beyond Belief" in 2002, which was a network special. He was also a host for two consecutive years, i.e. 2004 & 2005 for the award show of World Stupidity. He also had a special that aired on HBO titled "Black on Broadway". 

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He has also achieved a Grammy back in 2007 for his album titled "The Carnegie Hall Performance". Black was also a host for "The Root of All Evil", which was a series on television for comedy central. Some of his published works include "Nothing's Sacred," "Me of Little Faith," "I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas" etc.

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