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Christmas has never been the same ever since Mannheim Steamroller topped the charts with their debut Christmas album in 1984. To date, this musical group has not shown signs of slowing down, but then who would bear going through the holiday season without their cheery aura? And the tickets are easily available through Mannheim Steamroller American Express Presale tickets. There are also tickets available for sale on Mannheim Steamroller Amex Presale tickets, Mannheim Steamroller Citi Presale tickets through

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Mannheim Steamroller made waves in 1984 by releasing an album eponymously titled Christmas, which is often referred to as Christmas 1984.  To date, a staggering six million copies of the album have been sold in the United States alone, and in 2014, the album was certified as 6x platinum, which is deserving of the group. This album is also the group's first album to peak at no.50 at the Billboard's Top 200 album chart, which is a feat accomplished by the likes of Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac.

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The year 2019 marked the 35th anniversary of “Christmas 1984” and to commemorate that, a special 35th-anniversary edition Vinyl and CD of their debut album were released. The group had a Christmas tour in 2019, where the tour exclusively covered the whole debut album in its entirety and live. It was a sweet treat for longtime fans, and the tour also made sure that kids of today's generation knew how things were done before.

The main member of Mannheim Steamroller consists of eight people where all of them perform and play their own music. To see them live is a sight to behold as it is a display of pure talent. If you want to find out if they are playing in your area, go to, and who knows, you just might have an opportunity to enjoy a spectacle! Do make sure that you check the website for additional details and offers on how to avail the tickets. You may also like watching A Charlie Brown Christmas or Anastasia.

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