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OAR Presale | OAR Presale Tickets | OAR Presale Code | OAR American Express Presale


The O.A.R. are best known for their impressive live shows and extensive tours, which means that you can expect to see the band perform in most seasons, which results in a huge fan following. The best albums of the band come from their live shows, so when you attend their concerts, you will be in for the best treat and experience. 

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Of a Revolution, popularly known as O.A.R. is a rock band in America formed in Rockville, Maryland, in 1996. The band members include Marc Roberge as the lead vocalist/guitarist, Chris Culos as the drummer, Richard On as the guitarist, Benj Gershman as the bassist, Jerry DePizzo as the saxophonist/guitarist, John Lampley as the trumpet player and Mikel Paris as the keyboardist.

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Works and Albums

O.A.R. has produced a total of nine studio albums, which includes their 2019 album, 'The Mighty.' The band is highly known for its popular and entertaining live shows and tours. They have a collection of five live performance records. Four members in the group were born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, and attended the same high school. After their graduation, they met Jerry DePizzo at Ohio State University, who later became the saxophonist/guitarist of the band. 

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The live performances of the band deal delightful surprises to the audience. One of the hit song titled 'Dareh Meyod,' explores love complications while on tour, becoming an audience favorite.

Some of the most popular songs of the band include 'This Town,' 'Shattered,' 'Love and Memories,' 'Crazy Game of Poker,' and 'Heaven.' The hit albums include Any Time Now, Rain or Shine, The Mighty O.A.R., In Between Now and Then, The Wanderer and Risen. You may also like watching Keane or Iliza Shlesinger.


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