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You never know what you are in for at a typical Phish live performance. Phish is best known for their ability to improvise their tracks onstage, which is one reason why they prove quite appealing to their audience. At a Phish concert, you might get to hear the hit songs such as 'Chalk Dust Torture,' 'Possum,' 'You Enjoy Myself,' 'Weekabaug Groove' and 'Mike's Song.'


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Who Are Phish?

Phish is a rock band that was formed in 1983 in Burlington, Vermont, US. The band is popular for their improvisation on stage, cross-genre music, extended gigs, and a massive fan base.


The band members include Trey Anastasio as the guitarist, Mike Gordon as the bassist, Page McConnell as the keyboardist, and Jon Fishman as the drummer. Trey Anastasio also plays the role of the main vocalist. Phish Fan Club presale tickets and Phish Ticketmaster presale tickets can be purchased at 


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Works and Albums

The band is most popular for their exhilarating live shows and improvised gigs to keep their audience entertained till the end of the show.


Phish has a total collection of 13 studio albums, 13 live albums, 11 video albums, one compilation album, and 23 singles. Apart from the several albums, the band has released, Phish has also released a number of live performances as well as the Live Phish series such as 31 archives, 14 Live Bait series as well as 27 Live Phish series.


Some of the most popular songs include 'You Enjoy Myself' and 'Mike's Song.'



Collaboration with Other Artists

  1. Phish collaborated with the legendary guitar hero Carlos Santana and performed the track 'You Enjoy Myself' during the 1992 tour.
  2. Phish featured with the famous bluegrass singer Alison Krauss on the romantic track titled 'If I Could,' a single of the band's studio album titled 'Hoist' (1994).



Awards and Nominations

Phish has been nominated three times under various awards, such as the 2001 Grammy Award under the category of 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance,' 2005 Jammy Award under the 'DVD of the Year' and 2006 Jammy Award under 'Best Archival Release.' You may also like Phil Collins or Nicky Jam.



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Phish Presale Code & Tickets FAQS



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Phish presale tickets start at $66 and average $174. The highest presale ticket price is $1252.



When is the Phish presale?

The Phish presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the Phish presale code?

The Phish presale code is CBSUSG43.



What is the Phish American Express presale code?

The Phish American Express presale code is 66463733.



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What is the Phish Ticketmaster presale code?

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What is the Phish Live Nation presale code?

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What is the Phish Chase presale code?

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The Phish Citi presale code is IFUYE252.