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The 2000s has always been the greatest decade for teen rockers to slay the stage and Shinedown is one of those groups. The group has been in the music business since 2001 with their amazing rock and metal music. The group has gained fans from almost every age and has never failed to deliver a great show for their fans. You can also watch them live by getting the Shinedown Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Shinedown Amex Presale Tickets now.


The band has dominated the rock charts during the 2000s and came with hits after hits with their records. The hardcore fans of the group always end up buying all the tickets to their live shows because of the atmosphere they create and bring for the fans. You can watch them live by getting the Shinedown American Express Presale Tickets and Shinedown Citi Presale Tickets from our website.



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Shinedown originated from Jacksonville, Florida, United States. The group was founded by Brent Smith back in 2001, who was a part of a band called "Dreve" until the band disbanded for good. The members of the band consisted of Bent Smith, Barry Kerch, Zach Myers, and Eric Bass. The past members of the group were Nick Perri, Jasin Todd, and Brad Stewart.


The group released their debut album titled "Leave a Whisper" back in 2003 was not successful at first, but the band went on various tours and popular tracks the album earned Platinum certification under RIAA for hitting over a million sales. The album released four main singles which all peaked well on the Rock charts. 


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The group released their second album in 2005 titled "Us and Them", which peaked higher in its debut than its previous album. However, the album did a less number in comparison to "Leave a Whisper". But the album featured singles such as "Save Me" and also the very popular "I Dare You", which did much better than the singles of the previous albums. The singles did great even though the album wasn't up to par. The album also featured the single 'Heroes", which did great on the charts. You may also like The Doobie Brothers or The Eagles.


The band also released various other albums in the coming years, and they include "The Sound of Madness," "Amaryllis," "Threat to Survival", and "Attention Attention". The album "The Sound of Madness" ended up being the group's best-selling work up to date. You can watch them live by getting the Shinedown Fan Club Presale Tickets and Shinedown Presale Tickets to gain access to the Shinedown Presale Code.



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