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Weezer Presale | Weezer Presale Tickets | Weezer Presale Code | Weezer American Express Presale


Their styles ranging from alternative rock to geek rock and emo, Weezer keeps it fresh and unapologetic and distinct even with several member switches. They remained active even after more than 22 years, and this band’s live performances are surreal and a class apart. Get your Weezer presale tickets today to enjoy their excellent concerts.


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Originating in Los Angeles, California, Weezer started with the original members which consisted of Rivers Cuomo as the main vocalist, Patrick Wilson as the drummer, Matt Sharp as the bassist, and Scottie Chapman. After some time passed, Scottie Chapman left including Matt Sharp. Mikey Welsh replaced the second departure until Scott Shriner, and Brian Bell joined the group. 

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Their first album called Weezer (Blue Album) was a major success and earned the band a multiplatinum name. Critics and fans widely criticized their second album “Pinkerton” due to its darker theme in the initial stages. However, after a while, the second album received a lot of love and support from listeners. You can buy Weezer Amex presale tickets and Weezer Citi presale tickets at pre-sale-tickets.com.


In all its active years, Weezer received 18 nominations among which four of them were Grammy nominations. They won a Grammy for the best music video for their song “Pork and Beans” in 2009. Weezer won four MTV Video Music Awards in 1995 for “Buddy Holly” and also one more of this award in 2008 for “Pork and Beans.”


These awards and nominations prove the success of rock band Weezer in the music industry. Fans are always satisfied with their performances, and some lucky ones may get Weezer Fan Club presale tickets if they are available. So far, this band has released 14 studio albums, two compilation albums, six extended plays, and 39 singles. You may also like Snoop Dogg or Steely Dan.


They are the band that recorded the widely known cover of “I’m a believer” for the movie Shrek Forever. In 2010, their song “represent” made it the unofficial anthem for FIFA World Cup.


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