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Wisin Presale | Wisin Presale Tickets | Wisin Presale Code | Wisin American Express Presale

Juan Luis Morera Luna is a renowned rapper, singer and records producer who is better known as “Wisin”. It is a well-known name adapted by him on stage for all of his performances. You would not want to miss out on the Wisin American Express Presale tickets because they are hard to come by. We might even have some Wisin Presale codes to help you purchase the tickets at pre-sale-tickets.com.


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Wisin originally hailed from Puerto Rico and was born on December 19, 1978. He released his first solo album in the year 2004 called El Sobreviviente and followed it up with another solo album almost ten years later in 2014 which was called El Regreso del Sobreviviente.

Currently, he is in talks with Prince Royce ringing in the cash register with his Power and Love tour. So, for all you, never say never supporters, this is a brand new chance to use your presale codes while making ticket purchases on the pre-sale-ticket.com. Also, there are limited Citi presale tickets for Wisin performance. Make yourself useful and book them before they run out of stock.


Wisin catapulted to fame when he successfully collaborated with Yandel who he had befriended in school. Their duo worked wonders with music albums and record deals because of their keen vision and charming persona. Their label which goes by the name of WY Records is an enormous hit and has sold singles worldwide too. Talking about hits, the Wisin fan club presale tickets are an unexpected find for all the significant supporters out there waiting to catch him live.


Wisin is now a very successful musical coach on the Spanish version of the hit television series of The Voice. He has joined the likes of Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives and Alejandra Guzman on the show. He is a confident entertainer and a sensation to watch out for. So, fish out your credit card or wallet to buy off the Wisin Citi presale tickets to make most of his live performances. You may also like Wisin Y Yandel or Ricky Martin.


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