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Wiz Khalifa

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Cameron Jibril Thomaz who adapted the stage name of Wiz Khalifa is a breakthrough in the American music arena as a famous rapper, singer, songwriter and as actor too. His concerts are always highly acclaimed, and the live performances never disappoint. Wiz Khalifa American Express Presale tickets get sold out quickly; get your Wiz Khalifa Presale tickets today from pre-sale-tickets.com.


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Wiz Khalifa was born on September 9th, 1987 and moved onto sign with the Warner Bros. Records in the year of 2007. He had released his debut album in the year of 2006 called, “Show and Prove” which, in turn, won him the record deal. His well renowned and critically acclaimed single called “Black and Yellow” hit the billboards list of Billboard Hot 100.


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His debut song: “Say Yeah” with the Warner Bros. record label made its mark on the Rhythmic Top 40 as well as Hot Rap tracks of the billboards. In the year 2010, Wiz Khalifa earned the title of “Rookie of the year” and the “Man of the Year” consecutively. For all you loyal fans out there, the Wiz Khalifa Citi Presale Tickets and Wiz Khalifa Amex Presale Tickets will be available for you.


Just like his livewire performances, the rapper signed onto Atlantic Records in the year 2010. He made it to the list of the US Billboards 200 in the year 2011 after his release of the album: Rolling Papers.


He moved ahead by growing as a singing sensation on the social media circuits as well as SoundCloud. His concerts made his way to even the Golden Globes and have collaborated with the likes of Tinie Tempah. He was also featured in the remix song called Uma Thurman by the Fall Out Boy band. Further, he went on tours with them for promotions too.


Next, he went on to release the albums: Khalifa and Rolling Papers 2 in the years, 2016 and 2018 respectively. You may also like Young The Giant or Trans Siberian Orchestra.



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