Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh

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Daniel Tosh's comedies are full of sarcasm and political humor. His topics range widely from politics to relationships bringing out laughter from the audience while instilling valuable lessons at the same time.

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Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh was born as Daniel Dwight Tosh on May 29, 1975, in the US. He is a comedian, actor, executive producer, writer, as well as a television host based in America. He is best recognized for his intentional offensive and dubious tone of black humor. At Comedy Central, he is the host of the TV show known as Tosh.0. He is also a prominent figure in stand-up comedy shows and tours.

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Works and Shows

Daniel Tosh is best known for his contentious comedy for over twenty years. His comedies explore the offensive and controversial realms. Tosh began his career by creating his own television show known as Tens. In this show, Tosh ridicules beach models and others he came across at the local beaches. Tosh makes the most out of comedy tours to entertain his audience to a wild night of raucous laughter and revelations, and familiarizing his audiences with his comedy style in the meantime. Tosh performs numerous shows at several colleges and festivals, gaining more popularity. His first appearance on The Late Show was in 2001 with David Letterman. The following year, he released his first comedy show titled Comedy Central Presents Daniel Tosh. The works of Daniel Tosh include Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious in 2007, Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts in 2011, and Daniel Tosh: People Pleaser in 2016. You may also like watching Bob Weir or Highly Suspect.


Awards and Nominations

From 2011 to 2013, Daniel Tosh was nominated for three back-to-back Teen Choice Awards.

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