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There can't be a single soul who has not heard of the legendary rock band known as Evanescence. With a collection of popular, loved songs like 'Lost In Paradise,' 'Lithium,' 'Secret Door,' 'Imaginary,' 'Bring Me To Life,' 'My Immortal,' etc., Evanescence has brought rock music to a whole new level with their engaging hardcore music and opera singing voice, giving chills and excitement to the fans present during the live shows.


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Who Is Evanescence?

Evanescence is a rock band founded in 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas, the US by Amy Lee, who is the vocalist and pianist and Ben Moody, who is the guitarist of the band.


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Works and Albums of Evanescence

Evanescent received their breakthrough with their hit album Fallen, which was certified seven times platinum, winning them two Grammy Awards. For two years, the album charted on the Billboard 200. The album has also spawned several hit singles such as 'Bring Me To Life,' 'My Immortal,' and more. The next album titled The Open Door spawned the hit single 'Call Me When You're Sober.' This album was the band's first to hit top 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The band released their self-titled third studio album in 2011, although it did not receive as much credit as the previous two. Their next album Synthesis was released in 2017. A new album is scheduled to be released in 2020. 


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Collaboration with other Artists

  1. Evanescence collaborated with the vocalist from 12 Stones on the hit single 'Bring Me To Life.'
  2. Evanescence's vocalist, Amy Lee, released the hit single 'Broken' with Shaun Morgan and his band Seether.



Awards and Nominations

The band has won several awards, which include two Loudwire Music Awards, two Grammy Awards, one World Music Award, various regional MTV awards, and more. You may also like watching Stone Temple Pilots or Tove Lo.




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