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Mr. Bungle

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You are never ever ready for what Mr. Bungle has to offer with their music or shows because of how ambiguous they are with their style. The band makes music that revolves around an experimental rock at its finest. You can watch them live by getting the Mr. Bungle American Express Presale Tickets and Mr. Bungle Amex Presale Tickets now.

The band has been making music and performing since the mid-80s, and they were also on a hiatus of an insane 15 years, but now they are back with their gear and all set to rock out. You can watch them live by getting the Mr. Bungle Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Mr. Bungle Citi Presale Tickets from our website.

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Mr. Bungle originated from Eureka, which is located in California, United States. Mr. Bungle is an American rock band that is primarily based on experimental rock. The band is known for cycling through different genres of music in just one song. They have been in the game from 1985-2004, and they returned after a hiatus of 15 years in 2019.

Mr. Bungle specializes in the musical style of genres such as experimental rock, alternative metal, avant-garde, metal, ska, funk metal, and death metal. The members of the band consisted of many artists, but the ones that stood out the most because of their duration with band are Mike Patton as the vocalist, Trevor Dunn as the bassist, Theo Lengyel as the saxophonist, Trey Spruance as the guitarist, Danny Heifetz as the drummer, and Clinton Bar McKinnon as the saxophonist. 

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The band has also associated with artists in the likes of Faith No More, Secret Chiefs 3, Fantomas, Tomahawk, and Umlaut. Their studio-based debut album, which was self-titled was released in 1991 under John Zorn, who was an experimentalist of Jazz music. The group was signed under Warner Bros. Records, who produced three of their first studio-based albums.

Their discography includes "Mr. Bungle" released in 1991, "Disco Volante" released in 1995, and "California" released in 1999. Some of their singles include songs such as "Quote-Unquote," "Mi Stoke II Cigaretto," and "Platypus". You can catch them live by getting Mr. Bungle Fan Club Presale Tickets and Mr. Bungle Presale Tickets to gain access to Mr. Bungle Presale Code. You may also like watching Tove Lo or Bad Company.

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