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Comedy, in its finest form, is presented to you by Sinbad, and the good news is that he travels around the world delivering his message. One can get Sinbad American Express Presale tickets from Fans would also be delighted to learn that there might be a Sinbad Fan Club Presale Tickets available on the website.


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Sinbad's real name is David Adkins, but he is better known to his fans and the world by his stage name. He made a name for himself in the comedy world by his peculiar sense of comedy where he hardly "cracks" jokes to the audiences. Rather, he narrates real-life stories, including his and brews his own sense of comedy into those stories. We all get the fact that life itself is a comedy, right?


He also inspects and installs clean comedy into his sketches which is a rare thing to come by nowadays because we have become accustomed to the fact that something is only funny when there is a swear word or words involved! Sinbad proves all of that wrong. 


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Besides making a career out of stand-up, he has also made a name for himself in television productions as well as movies such as American Dad, Stompin’ and Family Guy. He is also known for using and promoting products from Apple, and he was also the celebrity speaker of the annual MacWorld Expo in 2011.


Besides being a stand-up comedian and an actor, he is also a gifted musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist, but he has affluence for drums and percussion. He has also played many times with “Memphis Red” in which the famous saxophonist, Journall Henry is also a part of.  Some lucky audiences have been enthralled by him through his musical ability during and after his shows. And if you don’t want to miss that, make sure that you get your presale tickets from today before they get sold out! You may also like watching Bad Company or Melissa Etheridge.



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How to get Sinbad presale tickets?

You can get Sinbad presale tickets on



How much are Sinbad presale tickets?

Sinbad presale tickets start at $61 and average $248. The highest presale ticket price is $1176.



When is the Sinbad presale?

The Sinbad presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the Sinbad presale code?

The Sinbad presale code is ZNSUE752.



What is the Sinbad American Express presale code?

The Sinbad American Express presale code is 8765434.



What is the Sinbad fan club presale code?

The Sinbad fan club presale code is FCLUB7655.



What is the Sinbad Ticketmaster presale code?

The Sinbad Ticketmaster presale code is TM97532.



What is the Sinbad Live Nation presale code?

The Sinbad Live Nation presale code is LN98643.



What is the Sinbad Chase presale code?

The Sinbad Chase presale code is C9286552.



What is the Sinbad Citi presale code?

The Sinbad Citi presale code is KFHHSDY56.